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Using music, dance, American Sign Language (ASL), art, games and story telling, to promote early brain development, language acquisition and literacy.
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The S.I.M.P.L.E. Solution

"Los Niños son la Esperanza del mundo." "Children are the world's hope."
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Instruction in both English and the native language provides more long term benefits to children. Adding music, movement, and American Sign Language accelerates the learning process.
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"All young children are capable of learning two languages. Becoming bilingual has a long-term cognitive academic, social, cultural and economic benefits."
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Manitas In Motion

" A Solid Language foundation is the essential skill upon which success in all academic areas are based."
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...provides Spanish, English, and American Sign Language (ASL) curriculum materials that are age-appropriate for preschool through 2nd grade.


...is an innovative bilingual home-based program ideal for parents, speech-language pathologists, and early childhood interventionists.


We develop Products to revolutionize how, why and when children learn Spanish and English to foster a future globalgeneration of multilingual children.

Welcome to “Manitas” in Motion LLC…

We are leaders in the development of children’s educational products designed specifically to prepare young Latino children for academic success through the use of music, movement and American Sign Language.

“Manitas” In Motion created for children in preschool through second grade and “The S.I.M.P.L.E. Solution” geared toward infants and toddlers, are programs designed to foster oral language and early literacy skills in Spanish and English language learners. These products were developed to transform how we prepare children to make the most of native language acquisition to strengthen second language learning.

My Mission

  • Promote brain development, oral language and early literacy through the use of engaging and effective methods which include music, movement, and American Sign Language.
  • Accelerate children’s first and second language acquisition beginning at birth.
  • Reduce the educational achievement gap.
  • Reduce the educational achievement gap.

My Professional Commitment

I am committed to helping students build a strong foundation in oral language and phonological awareness by utilizing strategies that will:

  • ACCELERATE language acquisition,
  • BRIDGE the gap between native and second language in order to promote cross-linguistic transfer, and
  • CONNECT regions within the brain.


What are the S.I.M.P.L.E. strategies?

The SIMPLE Solution –
Sign, Imitate, Model, Play, Label, Expand

La Solución SIMPLE –
Señalar, Imitar, Modelar, Preguntar, Leer, Extender

What does The SIMPLE Solution / La Solución SIMPLE include?
The DVD, CD’s, and Parent Handbook are at the heart of the SIMPLE Solution Program. These easy-to-use resources target social interactions, oral language necessary to achieve developmental milestones and to prepare your child for school readiness and academic success. These products are under development. Look for them in the year 2012.

The SIMPLE Solution / La Solución SIMPLE, handbook is a concise bilingual guide for parents and professionals who work with young dual language learners of Hispanic/Latino descent. This comprehensive guide is filled with simple routines, songs, finger plays, and games designed to inspire parents to interact with their infants and toddlers. The primary goal is to build necessary and foundational communication skills. We want to teach parents how to establish social interactions and achieve accelerated gains in language development through PLAY. The manual contains a series of sample sessions to introduce language throughout the day and may be easily adapted for early childhood therapy sessions.

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