Parent Training

Parent training for the SIMPLE Solution

  • Based in the northwest suburban Chicago area.
  • Serves parents of young dual language learners of Hispanic descent.
  • Serves parents of young dual language learners of Hispanic descent.
  • Children ages zero to five.
  • Curriculum supported by research-based language acquisition in dual language learners.
  • Uses culturally appropriate materials.
  • Facilitated by Spanish speaking trainers.

The SIMPLE Solution (SIMPLE English) / La Solución SIMPLE, (SIMPLE Spanish) is a comprehensive six-week parent training program designed primarily for Hispanic parents with infants and toddlers. We teach you specific strategies to enhance social interactions and accelerate language learning. We show you how to communicate and PLAY with your child throughout daily routines in order to establish a strong foundation in Spanish. It introduces the SIMPLE strategies so parents will feel confident as they interact with their babies and toddlers. First 100 core vocabulary words will be demonstrated as well as basic concepts using American Sign Language. Parents will be provided with opportunities to Interact and participate encouraging involvement and discussion.

Parent Training Table
Description of each session:

  • Importance of parent interactions for optimal language development. This session will introduce parents to The SIMPLE Solution – Sign, Imitate, Model, Play, Label, Expand / La Solución SIMPLE – Señalar, Imitar, Modelar, Preguntar, Leer, Extender. Parents will become familiar with the first 100 words and language milestones. They will learn the importance of interaction and stimulating their child as fundamental in their development
  • The strategies of Signing and Imitation will be introduced. During this session parents learn how to take advantage of daily routines to maximize communication growth. Signing for common actions (eat, sleep, go, look, want) and social words (yes/no, hi-bye, please/thank you, more) will be taught.

  • In this session parents will explore the use of Modeling. They’ll be taught how the use of exaggerated expression, a high-pitched sing-song voice called “motherese” or “parentese”, along with rhythmic chanting, songs, natural play, gestures, can effectively support their child’s language development.

  • In this session it’s all about play. For the youngest of children play involves social interactions which are instrumental in learning communicative intent. Parents will learn to take advantage of daily routines such bathing, dressing, diaper changes to engage in social play. Favorite games like peek-a-boo, this little piggy, pat-a-cake, will be utilized. The parents will gain awareness of the importance of questions/ Preguntar while playing with their child. We will start off with the basic questions requiring a “yes/no” response or a gesture, then move to questions such as “what’s that?”, “where’s the car?”. Parents will learn how to get on the floor and play with their toddler using developmentally appropriate toys or improvise and use household items creatively as toys.

  • This session focuses on the importance of parents reading to their child at an early age. Dialogic reading techniques and Labeling will be discussed. We will also explore early literacy (e.g., labeling pictures, recognizing environmental print, recognizing familiar words, naming letters, matching letters and sounds, and reading simple words.)

  • In this session parents will learn the strategy of Expansion; adding words to what your child says. Once the child has a core vocabulary of 35-50 words and is able to imitate they are ready to move onto expansion. This strategy will explore the population of kids who are ready to move onto two-word phrases as well as those who need additional stimulation to boost their core vocabulary.