Professional Development

Professional development for the SIMPLE Solution

Target Audience:

Early interventionists, speech and language pathologists, caregivers, and daycare providers working with children ages birth to four.

A 5-part course available in 90 minute sessions or in an all-day workshop designed to provide participants with a comprehensive perspective and effective instructional strategies identified as best practice for teaching dual language learners ages birth to four. Learning is extended by supported application of each strategy of the SIMPLE Solution. This experience will maximize a child’s participation in therapy sessions and increase your effectiveness as an early intervention provider.

SIMPLE - Professional Development table
Play-based assessment of Infants and Toddlers

  • Interpreting results for dual language learners.
  • Issues regarding language delay versus language difference.
  • Developmental milestones for dual language learners.

Building Social interactions and language

  • Parents as partners in the learning process.
  • Recommended social games and early play routines.
  • Teaching parents to PLAY.
  • Developmentally appropriate toys.

Receptive Language

  • Recognizing receptive language problems.
  • Strategies for parents/caregivers when the child doesn’t understand.
  • Best tips for helping the child follow directions.
  • Building solid vocabularies including verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions.
  • Understanding questions.

Expressive Language

  • Use of sign language to encourage communication.
  • Signing as a bridge between two spoken languages.
  • Teaching the SIMPLE Strategies:
  • The SIMPLE Solution – Sign, Imitate, Model, Play, Label, Expand.
  • La Solución SIMPLE – Señalar, Imitar, Modelar, Preguntar, Leer, Extender.
  • Building core vocabulary and basic concepts.

Early Literacy at home and preschool

  • Recommended bilingual books.
  • How to read books using dialogic reading strategies.