The S.I.M.P.L.E. Solution


The S.I.M.P.L.E. Solution

The SIMPLE Solution (SIMPLE English) / La Solución SIMPLE, (SIMPLE Spanish)
is an innovative bilingual home-based program ideal for parents, speech-language pathologists, and early childhood interventionists. Designed primarily for Hispanic parents with infants and toddlers, we teach you specific strategies to enhance social interactions and accelerate language learning. We show you how to communicate and PLAY with your children throughout daily routines in order to establish a strong foundation in the native language. By implementing the SIMPLE strategies outlined in the DVD, parents will feel confident as they interact with their babies and toddlers.

What are the S.I.M.P.L.E strategies?

  • The SIMPLE Solution –
    Sign, Imitate, Model, Play, Label, Expand

  • La Solución SIMPLE –
    Señalar, Imitar, Modelar, Preguntar, Leer, Extender

  • What does The SIMPLE Solution / La Solución SIMPLE include?
    The DVD, CD’s, and Parent Handbook are at the heart of the SIMPLE Solution Program. These easy-to-use resources target social interactions, oral language necessary to achieve developmental milestones and to prepare your child for school readiness and academic success. These products are under development. Look for them in the year 2012.

  • The SIMPLE Solution / La Solución SIMPLE, handbook is a concise bilingual guide for parents and professionals who work with young dual language learners of Hispanic/Latino descent. This comprehensive guide is filled with simple routines, songs, finger plays, and games designed to inspire parents to interact with their infants and toddlers. The primary goal is to build necessary and foundational communication skills. We want to teach parents how to establish social interactions and achieve accelerated gains in language development through PLAY. The manual contains a series of sample sessions to introduce language throughout the day and may be easily adapted for early childhood therapy sessions.

  • The SIMPLE Solution / La Solución SIMPLE DVD
    Features step by step sessions where parents learn and practice the SIMPLE Solution strategies in the home. Parents will learn how to play and interact with their child for optimal language development. It introduces the initial 500 words and demonstrates key vocabulary and concepts using American Sign Language (ASL).

  • The SIMPLE Solution / La Solución SIMPLE CD
    Features songs in Spanish and English with a Latin flare and combines movement and play with lively rhythms that parents and kids can both enjoy as they go through their day! Now bath time, lunch and play will be more fun than ever.

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